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UMass Helmet Gets Sleek FBS Makeover


During the Revolutionary War, the Minutemen were often deployed under the cloak of night in order to respond to war threats from the British.

Consider UMass’ new football helmets as an unintentional homage to the militiamen its sports teams are named after.

Matt Vatour, the UMass sports beat writer for the Daily Hampshire Gazette, tweeted out a photo of the all-black helmets the Minutemen will wear for all their games this fall as a new member of the FBS.

Previous years’ models had “UMass” spelled out across an all-white helmet. The new helmet displays the “U” bigger and more prominently in the foreground, with “Mass” running in front of it.

While it won’t do anything to help with the nearly 100-mile commute to the team’s “home” games at Gillette Stadium in 2012, the Minutemen’s new stealth look will certainly be more appealing to current players and recruits.

Call us old fashioned, but we think the new lid is tacky and we’d rather see a maroon helmet with the old UMass basketball jerseys logo instead. Grade: C


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