UK Students Unable to Name ‘Fab Five’


Our friends at College Spun recently interviewed a handful of Kentucky students about the Wildcats’ ballyhooed 2013 recruiting class. They all said that UK’s freshmen next year would be better than Michigan’s Fab Five.

This despite the fact that all but one of them couldn’t even name all five members of the Fab Five. And the one who actually named all of them visibly struggled with it.

The names of Chris Webber, Jalen Rose, Juwan Howard, Jimmy King and Ray Jackson should be burned into the minds of college basketball fans forever.

In these students’ defense, it’s likely that none of them were older than three (if that) the last time the Fab Five played together, so their ignorance is somewhat justified. Nonetheless, we’d love to see Jalen Rose’s reaction to watching this. It would be epic.

[College Spun]

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