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UK Madness Fan Struggles With Tent


Luckily for one Kentucky student, getting tickets for the Wildcats’ Big Blue Madness practice is only dependent on camping out and not actual camping skills.

The Kentucky WildcatsTV YouTube channel posted a time-lapse video on Wednesday of students setting up their tents and camping out with hopes of gaining entry to Kentucky’s midnight introduction ceremony for the men’s and women’s basketball teams.

Starting at the 17-second mark, if you look at the bottom center portion of the video — just to the left of the lit street lamp — one student with a yellow tent struggles horribly to pitch his tent. It gets bad enough that he has to stop at a few junctures and call a friend (we assume) on his cell phone for assistance.

It’s hard to tell how much time lapses in the video, but given that you can see the sun rise in it, we imagine it was quite substantial.

While the video ends without the tent up, don’t worry: He finally got it pitched.


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