UConn Alums Win $60,000 on 50-to-1 NCAA Title Bet in Las Vegas


Last November, a dozen UConn students (past and present) each put down $100 on their Huskies at 50-to-1 odds to win the 2014 NCAA title at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas.

This past Memorial Day, the group returned to Sin City to collect their combined winnings of $60,000 ($5,000 a piece) - made possible by the fact that none of them hedged their bets during UConn’s March Madness run.

“There were conversations, but in the end, we all stood strong and decided not to hedge,” Paul Delvecchio told the Las Vegas Sun. “Instead of hedging, I ended up betting on them in every game.”

The group admitted that after promptly collecting their winnings, they’d most likely splurge a lot of it on an extravagant holiday weekend.

“How much is to be determined,” Harrison Fuchs told the Sun. “As long as I bring back at least $100 to know I broke even.”

[Las Vegas Sun]

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