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UCF Getting Blacktop-Looking Court


It seems a day doesn’t go by without a school getting a cool new football field or basketball court, but the new surface UCF basketball will be playing on next season could be the best we’ve seen in awhile.

That’s because the Knights are getting a blacktop-looking surface that any streetball player will love. As you can see from the image below originally tweeted by UCF women’s assistant coach Courtney Locke, a rendering has been made for the entire court to be covered in black except for the area between the 3-point arc and the paint and a giant “UCF” at midcourt. The mantra of the new court is “Operation Blacktop.”

While we’re not sure if this is exactly what the final product will look like, the new court would be a cool way for the Knights to spend their first season in the American Athletic Conference and honor basketball’s roots on playgrounds.

Is it too much to ask for chain nets on the hoops?

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