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QB Tyler Bray Throws Bottles Onto Cars?


If Tennessee is going to bounce back, it will need a huge season from QB Tyler Bray.

Unfortunately, Bray is now in the headlines for allegedly throwing beer bottles and golf balls off his balcony at parked cars and then possibly smashing a woman’s dashboard in retaliation for her calling the cops:

Allen went into her apartment Monday to eat lunch about 1:10 p.m., according to the incident report. When she left her apartment about 30 minutes later, she saw that the front windshield of her car had been smashed. She estimated the damages at more than $500.

She told police that she thought her car was damaged in retaliation for her calling the police on Bray and Grandinetti over the beer bottle incident “a couple nights ago.”

We already knew Bray doesn’t have the best decision making but this stunt could have ended really, really badly. Bray was reportedly served with an eviction notice from the building but fortunately for him and Vols head coach Derek Dooley, he is not being charged with a charge and instead will make restitution.

Hopefully he finds a better way to keep his arm sharp the rest of the summer.

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