Twittersphere Responds to Te’o on Couric


Chances are excellent that you’ve watched Manti Te’o’s interview on Katie Couric’s TV show Thursday.

This story is convoluted enough where, regardless of what Te’o said, we’re assuming that more facts will come out. For now, let’s just sit back and enjoy the reactions from the Twittersphere.

By far the most meme-friendly moment of the interview came when Couric asked if Te’o was gay, to which the linebacker replied, “No. Far from it. Faaaaaaaaaaaar from it.” Here’s that moment captured in its infinite GIF-ness.

And here are some of the better tweets in response to the interview as a whole.

Dave Itzkoff, New York Times

Brett Ludwiczak, Land-Grant Holy Land

Bruce Arthur, National Post

Adam Kramer, Kegs ‘n Eggs

Sid Seixeiro, Toronto radio host

Do you remember following sports before the advent of Twitter? Yeah, neither do we.

[Off the Bench]

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