Tulsa, UTEP Players Get Helmets Stuck


“Locked in battle” took on new meaning for Tulsa defensive lineman Derrick Alexander during Thursday night’s game against UTEP.

With the Golden Hurricane up 33–11 late in the fourth quarter, Alexander and an opposing Miners player got the face masks of their helmets stuck together. The UTEP player had to remove his helmet before Alexander apparently took off his so that their lids could be separated.

When the question of “How often does this happen?” was posed to Redditors, many commented that it happens relatively frequently, particularly with opposing linemen going head-to-head (sometimes literally) in the trenches on every play. So it reasons that the UTEP helmet belongs to an offensive lineman.

With the score so lopsided and it being late in the game, only a screenshot of the TV broadcast captured this for posterity. Heck, it even eluded those that were in attendance at Tulsa’s Chapman Stadium.


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