Tulane Football Getting New Helmets?


A new line of helmets could be hitting the Tulane Green Wave program like a ... well, tidal wave.

On Tuesday afternoon, QB Jordy Joseph tweeted out/Instagramed a photo of several potential, new Green Wave helmets for 2013. (His exclamation of “Check the swag for next year” suggests that they’re real and not prototypes.)

Replacing the predominant white on the existing helmets with both matte gray and matte robin’s egg blue is a nice change even if we’re still not completely crazy about the “wave cresting over the T” logo. It’s at least a better selection than going with a modified version of what the team wore from 1989–1991 and 1995–1996 (the old-fashioned looking T and wave design), which were considered down years for the program.

What we like the most is the oversized green wave design. It’s simple, self-explanatory and announces Tulane’s foray into the next big thing in helmet design — just in time for its move from Conference USA to the new American Athletic Conference.

[SB Nation]

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