TTU Alum Has Crazy ‘Rebranding’ Ideas


Texas Tech’s hiring of Kliff Kingsbury as its new football coach was a splashy one due to the former Red Raider QB’s age (33) and his rugged good looks. All of which one gung-ho TTU alum wants to capitalize on to make the team “the hippest school in the game.”

That’s an actual phrase used in an email from Stephen Spiegelberg — who owns a clothing store in Lubbock — to deputy athletic director Joe Parker that has been uncovered by Deadspin. Sounding like an amalgamation of Buddy Garrity from “Friday Night Lights” and Tom Haverford from “Parks and Recreation,” Spiegelberg offered the following rebranding ideas:

  • Having Kingsbury rock a nickname such as “GQ,” “Hollywood” or “Swagger”
  • Hire an LA-based branding firm that gets Kingsbury on the list at “NY fashion week, some Hollywood events and the hip scenes around the nation”
  • Assign a stylist to Kingsbury to keep him looking trendy

Possibly the most hilarious aspect of Spiegelberg’s email: There’s not one mention of football. Anywhere. Click on the link below for the full, ridiculous e-mail.


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