Troy Calhoun: ‘Bama as Talented as Pats


During a Tuesday press conference, Air Force coach Troy Calhoun made it abundantly clear who he voted No. 1 in his Coaches Poll ballot.

“Hands down, I think the most talented team in all of football right now is Alabama. That includes the New England Patriots,” Calhoun said. He then backed off from the praise slightly by adding, “They’re close to there.”

The Falcons’ coach — who provides his weekly ballot to the Colorado Springs Gazette — was clearly trying to make sure his team didn’t underestimate Air Force’s Week 2 opponent, Michigan, following the Wolverines’ 41–14 setback at the hands of the Crimson Tide in the “Cowboys Classic.”

Given the way Alabama head coach Nick Saban reacted harshly to praise from the media over Saturday’s win, we’re guessing Calhoun’s comment will drive Saban into a full-on fit of rage.


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