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Tressel Back at Horseshoe for Ceremony


The rumblings that began back in September have proven to be true: Former Ohio State coach Jim Tressel will be back on the field at Ohio Stadium on Saturday for a halftime reunion ceremony honoring his 2002 national championship team.

To a man, almost all of Tressel’s former players — and a few current ones — have no doubts that the reception for “The Vest” will be a warm one. About the only person with reservations on the matter is Buckeyes athletic director Gene Smith.

“Some people will embrace it, some people will not,” he said. “Some people will feel it’s awkward, some people will not. I’m not going to feel it’s awkward because I’m realistic — he was part of that team.”

For all that Tressel did at the helm of Ohio State, he will undoubtedly receive a hero’s welcome on Saturday despite resigning under pressure in May of 2011.


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