Top 25 CFB Fails: #22 - CU’s Powder Blues


This is the fourth installment of a summer series; every weekday until the opening weekend of the 2013 college football season, we will be counting down the Top 25 College Football Fails Ever – including but not limited to players, coaches, fans, officials, mascots and uniforms. (NOTE: FBS teams only.)

Even an entity as tradition-bound as college football wasn’t immune to the powdered blue uniforms craze that struck all of sports in the 1970s and early ‘80s. The sport’s most unfortunate victim of this fad was Colorado.

From 1981–1984, the Buffaloes sported powder blue jerseys and helmets with a stripe and CU logo in the same color. According to then university regent Jack Anderson, it represented the “deep blue of Colorado’s sky at 9,000 feet.”

Rather fittingly, the Buffaloes won just 10 games in the four years they sported these threads. Only after ditching them and returning to gold and black colors did they become a national power under head coach Bill McCartney. It turns out that in college football, uniform karma counts for something.

Top 25 College Football Fails Ever

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