Top 25 CFB Fails: #21 - Fly, CavMan, Fly!


Every weekday until the opening week of the 2013 college football season, we will be counting down the Top 25 College Football Fails Ever – including but not limited to players, coaches, fans, officials, mascots and uniforms. (Note: FBS programs only.)

Al Groh’s less-than-stellar farewell season at Virginia in 2009 — the Cavaliers’ 3–9 record was Groh’s worst in his nine at the school — was best summed up by an ominous “entrance” onto the field by UVA’s mascot, CavMan, atop his horse Sabre prior to the September 12th home game against TCU.

Expecting his loyal steed to charge, CavMan was unprepared for when Sabre bucked instead. As a result, CavMan was sent up in the air and down to the turf at Scott Stadium in Charlottesville.

It was a feeling that UVA players could later relate to after they fell to the Horned Frogs, 30–14.

Top 25 College Football Fails Ever

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