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Top 25 CFB Fails: #12 - Hide from ‘State Pride’


Every weekday until the opening week of the 2013 college football season, we are counting down the Top 25 College Football Fails Ever – including but not limited to players, coaches, fans, officials, mascots and uniforms. (Note: FBS programs only.)

Just as Oregon football is a test kitchen for Nike’s new style ideas, Maryland has become the equivalent for the folks at Under Armor — whose CEO and founder, Kevin Plank, is an alum.

What transpired at the Terrapins’ 2011 opener, however, was like an explosion in a chemistry lab. Maryland’s now-infamous “State Pride” uniforms — featuring the same gold and black checkerboard and red and white cross bottony found on the state flag — had TV viewers shielding their eyes and the Twittersphere aghast. It was like a Tim Burton-inspired nightmare come to life.

Since then, Under Armour has continued to take bold chances at Maryland and with its other college clients. Hopefully, nothing will ever come close to matching the notoriety of “State Pride.”

Top 25 College Football Fails Ever

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