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Top 10 Worst BCS Conference CBB Uniforms


In light of Nike’s tour-de-force through college hoops and its unis, we examined the sport’s Top 10 uniforms in their traditional form on Thursday. But not all the threads in college basketball are easy on the eyes.

We examine the Top 10 worst uniforms from BCS conferences.


10. Seton Hall

Not even Somali pirates would be caught wearing these. Like other Adidas uniforms on this list, the look is just very cheap with the awkward font and massive blue collar.


9. Texas A&M

We love Texas A&M’s maroon color but these uniforms are just so poorly done by Adidas. The school name is located too low, the font is too big and cheap looking and the whole thing is a rag-tag look. We know that football is king at A&M but there’s no reason for the basketball team to look like this.


8. Boston College

Boston College has a rich basketball history from the days of it being coached by Bob Cousy to when Troy Bell was the best player on the floor for either team on most nights. But the Eagles - who have played in both the top-flight Big East and ACC conferences - have such low-rent uniforms. For starters, there is a color clash with the dark red and gold that look as if two random paint cans fell on the uniforms. And here’s another thing, B.C., shrink the size of “Boston College” on the jersey, it’s way out of proportion.


7. Louisville

We guess we should just be thankful that the Cardinals don’t show up in white suits like Rick Pitino. But these uniforms are bad. As much as we would like Kansas to return to its “circus font,” we hope that Louisville retires whatever that is on its chest. It’s not working. To make matters worse, there’s a weird disconnect going on with uniforms’ collars. We know that the school is always in competition with in-state rival Kentucky, which we have on our list of the best uniforms in college hoops. Step up your game, Louisville.


6. USF

The actual composition of the Big East’s basketball conference going forward is still up in the air. But South Florida must realize that it’s not in Conference-USA; this is the big time. The Bulls have to dress the part. We can barely live with the “U” that has bull horns and the rest of the unis just don’t work, starting with the font. Everything about them seems a bit oversized - like threads on a high-school player who has yet to grow into his body. It’s time for South Florida to grow into major-conference basketball.


5. Texas Tech

In its most basic form, Texas Tech’s uniforms aren’t any different than many across the country. Then why, you ask, did they make this list? Well, there is very little attention to detail. Look at the inexplicable two black bands that form a V around the necks of players. And what about those random designs on the side of the shorts? The black-and-white piping just doesn’t jive with the rest of the minimalist look and like other Under Armour uniforms on this list, the unis look three times too big.


4. Arizona State

For how much we mock Nike, usually their base basketball uniforms at least don’t look cheap. This is the exception. The micro-font on the front of the jerseys and simple shorts look like they are from a thrift store. We wouldn’t be shocked to hear that they were bought there. Add in in that the school’s cross-state rival, Arizona, is among our best-dressed college teams and there needs to be a uniform makeover in Tempe like they just did in football.


3. Baylor

We know how much recruits love uniforms - that’s why Oregon’s football team changes its unis practically every week. With that in mind, it’s obvious that the Bears aren’t doing themselves any favors with their green-and-yellow combination that already turned off recruit Archie Goodwin. The basketball Bears can start by switching to Nike like the football team and changing that awful yellow to a gold hue. Now that Baylor is in the Top 10, it’s time for a new look. That means no more D-League uniforms.


2. Maryland

The worst-dressed team in college football is also among the worst dressed in basketball. Where do we begin with these? The “Maryland” across the chest with the enlarged “M” and “D” is awful, the uniform looks very oversized, the font is bad and the black-and-yellow state flag piping on the side doesn’t match at all with the red. And don’t even get us started on the yellow alternates they wore against Duke on Wednesday night. Terrapin alum and Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank must be stopped.


1. Northwestern

Surprise, surprise: The only BCS school never to make the NCAA tournament is also the worst dressed. Despite the Wildcats’ lack of success, they shouldn’t dress like they’re ready for the WNBA season to tip off - partly because nobody is waiting for the WNBA season to tip off and partly because, well, they play men’s college basketball. Purple can look fierce (see: Baltimore Ravens) but these unis with their weak-sauce font and atrocious sides scream, “We got next!”

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