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Top 10 Steve Spurrier Jabs At Tennessee Football


Steve Spurrier was a Tennessee darling as a local high school star until he betrayed his home state and jumped to Florida, where he eventually won the Heisman. Then he became the head coach for the Gators and not only tortured the Volunteers on the field by piling up victories, but also off it with his biting commentary and verbal barbs at opposing coach Phillip Fulmer and his program. With the Volunteers ready to face Spurrier again this weekend, we look back at the Ol’ Ball Coach’s ten greatest verbal jabs at UT.

10. The Defending Citrus Bowl Champions

9. We’ve All Been There

8. Winners Tell The Jokes

7. Welcome To Tennessee, Derek

6. SC Guys Don’t Fight

5. Just Like Vanderbilt Did

4. He’ll Be Here All Week

3. Knox County Isn’t So Bad

2. Peyton Manning, Citrus Bowl Hero

1. Tennessee’s Citrus Curse

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