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Top 10 Most Die-Hard Celebrity College Football Fans


Ashton Kutcher was recently in the news for a college basketball scandal of all things. Actually the school was just guilty of a minor violation for allowing recruits to meet the star. But the incident got us to thinking of what celebrities are die-hard college football fans, much like the ones we profiled at the beginning of the year. Most are just champion chasers (really Spike Lee? You’re a USC football fan from New York?). But these are the celebrities that can rightfully call themselves super fans.

Editor’s note: Celebs who played in college aren’t included on this list since, well, they’d take up the entire list. We’d hope if you actually played a sport at your school, you’d still support it. Therefore, Mark Harmon (UCLA), The Rock (Miami), Bill Cosby (Temple), Burt Reynolds (Florida State) and Jerry Jones (Arkansas) among others are not included.

And no, we no longer consider Luther Campbell a celebrity.

10. Ashton Kutcher (Iowa)

9. Joe Scarborough (Alabama)

8. Will Ferrell (USC)

7. Kenny Chesney (Tennessee)

6. James Carville (LSU)

5. Larry the Cable Guy (Nebraska)

4. Regis Philbin (Notre Dame)

3. Snoop Dogg (USC)

2. Matthew McConaughey (Texas)

1. Adam Duritz (Cal)

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