Top 10 Most Dominant Heisman Trophy Campaigns

Auburn’s Cam Newton is having a season for the ages and when he receives the Heisman Trophy in two weeks, commentators will talk about where this season ranks among other Heisman-winning performances. So we decided to look back at the Top 10 greatest Heisman seasons of all-time. As dominant as Newton has been this season, even he couldn’t crack this list full of eye-popping stats and jaw-dropping highlights.

10. Nile Kinnick (Iowa, 1939)

9. Hopalong Cassady (Ohio State, 1955)

8. O.J. Simpson (USC, 1968)

7. Tony Dorsett (Pittsburgh, 1976)

6. Tim Tebow (Florida, 2007)

5. Reggie Bush (USC, 2005)

4. Mike Rozier (Nebraska, 1983)

3. Ricky Williams (Texas, 1998)

2. Marcus Allen (USC, 1981)

1. Barry Sanders (Oklahoma State, 1987)

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