Top 10 Division I College Basketball Names Of All Time


He might only see the court 13 minutes a night, but we can guarantee that Syracuse freshman Fab Melo leaves an impression on fans. After all, he’s got one of the greatest college basketball names of all time. A first name of Fab (short for Fabricio) is outstanding, plus reminds us of Fabio and “Fab” from Milli Vanilli. And with a last name of Melo, he was just destined to play at Syracuse. But Melo’s unique name isn’t even among the 10 best we’ve ever seen in college basketball history. Take a look.

Note: Nicknames, such as “Mouse” McFadden, not included

10. Majestic Mapp (Virginia)

9. Just-in’love Smith (Siena)

8. Uwe Blab (Indiana)

7. Austen Powers (Cal State Northridge, Seattle)

6. Duany Duany (Wisconsin)

5. Yinka Dare (George Washington)

4. Kevin Pittsnogle (West Virginia)

3. Chief Kickingstallionsims (Alabama State)

2. Fennis Dembo (Wyoming)

1. God Shammgod (Providence)

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