Mad Hatter Examined: Les Miles’ Top 10 Kookiest Moments


No matter what you think of his coaching acumen, it’s hard to disagree that LSU football coach Les Miles is an entertaining individual. It’s fascinating enough to watch him win football games in spite of himself, but his crazy antics ranging from bizarre interviews to eating grass are probably even more entertaining. After counting down Les Miles’ luckiest moments, we revisit LSU’s lovable (or hatable, depending on who you are) coach for his Top 10 kookiest moments.

10. His Hand Clap

9. Oil Spill Comments

8. “Have A Great Day”

7. Fight And Resolve

6. It’s Just Like Reading A Book

5. Smooching The Assistant

4. “Play Our A—Off”

3. A Twitter Typo?

2. “Let ‘Er Rip”

1. Tiger Stadium Grass Is The Best

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