Toomer’s Oaks’ Removal Broadcast Live

Watch live streaming video from cityofauburntoomerscorner at livestream.com

To apparently accommodate those who couldn’t be physically present for the Tuesday removal of Toomer’s Oaks, the City of Auburn is offering Tigers fans across the internet the chance to watch it all happen via Livestream.

This is not the first time that the city’s official website has focused a web cam on the famous trees. They have previously shown Livestream videos of the oaks being rolled after Auburn’s BCS title game victory in 2011 (among other instances).

Nonetheless, this has got to go down as one of the more depressing Livestreams in recent memory, as the trees are coming down after being poisoned by Alabama super fan Harvey Updyke in 2010. If you encounter an Auburn fan/alum sobbing at their work desk this morning, you’ll know why.


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