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Tom Izzo Hangs With 2 Chainz in Atlanta


There must be some unspoken directive in the college basketball coaching ranks that when you have downtime, you have to be seen with or in close proximity to hip-hop stars.

Michigan State’s Tom Izzo is the latest to demonstrate this, as he was photographed with rapper 2 Chainz down in Atlanta — where Izzo is serving as a guest ESPN analyst during the Final Four as well as the rapper’s hometown.

Izzo follows in the footsteps of Rick Pitino, Frank Martin, Tom Crean, John Calipari and Mike Brey to make an unlikely foray into the hip-hop world.

The contrasting choices in style between Izzo and the Atlanta rapper — the latter rocking some giant gold neck ware, the former with his typically conservative appearance — is what truly makes this photo memorable.

[The Only Colors]

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