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Toddler Stars in Amazing Trick Shot Video


Is 18- to 24-months too early for college basketball programs to make a scholarship offer? It might be well worth it in the case of a young boy named Titus.

In a 2-minute, 56-second spectacle that, as of 1:00 PM ET on Wednesday, has nearly a million YouTube views since being posted on Sunday, little Titus makes all matter of trick shots on various hoops at his house and at Chuck E. Cheese’s.

Our two personal favorites are the following:

  • 1:35 mark – Titus throws a bouncy ball at a volleyball sitting on a ledge. The volleyball tumbles off the ledge and into the hoop.
  • 1:41 mark – Titus hits seven shots in a row with everything from a volleyball to a mini football.

If college basketball doesn’t work out for Titus, he can always join Dude Perfect.


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