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Theismann: Newton Isn’t First-Rounder


You can try and silence him but Joe Theismann will do just about anything to stay in the news, including his latest bold proclamation: Not only does he think Cam Newton shouldn’t be the first overall pick, Theismann says Newton shouldn’t even be a first-round pick.

Speaking to an ESPN Radio affiliate in Washington D.C., Theismann said he was worried about Newton’s ability to throw the ball after he spent much of his time at Auburn using his legs, and his recent televised interview with Jon Gruden that didn’t impress.

OK, that’s criticism we’ve heard before, but Newton not worthy of being among the top 32 picks on Thursday? That seems to be overstating it quite a bit.

A star at Notre Dame and with the Washington Redskins, Theismann hasn’t experienced as much success in the broadcast booth recently. Theismann returned to the booth last season on the NFL Network after leaving ESPN. It has been reported he will not be invited back for another season. Joe Theismann profile

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