‘The Professor’ Streetballs as Spider-Man


Director Mark Webb might want to consider having a basketball scene in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 just as he did in the movie’s 2012 prequel. If so, he would be wise to consider streetballer Grayson “The Professor” Boucher as a stunt double for star Andrew Garfield.

“The Professor” — who spent one year playing at Chemeketa (OR) Community College in the early 2000s before achieving fame on the And1 Mixtape Tour — recently crashed a basketball court to play people one-one-one while dressed as the web-spinning Marvel superhero.

To see players dressed in actual basketball clothes getting schooled by someone dressed as if they’re going to Comic-Con is, needless to say, pretty hilarious. Hopefully, the next time “The Professor” does this, he dresses like Prince (“game ... blouses!”).

[The Big Lead]

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