Te’o Song Parodies Taio Cruz’s ‘Dynamite’

The last name of the Notre Dame linebacker making headlines for his fake dead girlfriend, Te’o (pronounced tay-oh), sounds vaguely like the first name of the recording artist who gave us “Dynamite,” Taio (pronounced tie-oh) Cruz.

A perfect excuse to create a parody of “Dynamite” to describe the Te’o hoax, thought Andrew Bloom.

Below are the lyrics in the chorus of the parody, which is titled “Ayo (I’m Manti Te’o)” and was posted to YouTube on Saturday.

I pull a girl out of thin air sometimes,

Sayin’ ayo, I’m Manti Te’o.

I wanna use it to get lots of hype,

Sayin’ ayo, I’m Manti Te’o.

I’m gonna play this game, gonna milk this right,

Gonna make it up, ‘til it’s Heisman night.

Either told a lie, or I’m just not bright,

Gonna make it up, ‘til it’s Heisman night

Not bad, Andrew. Not bad.


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