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‘Tebow Girl’ Discusses Unexpected Fame


If you type “Tim Tebow girlfriend” into Google, you’ll probably stumble upon a 2007 photo of the Heisman Trophy-winning QB and a buxom Florida coed named Erin Drewes.

This is despite the fact that Drewes and Tebow have never dated. But that didn’t prevent her from becoming an unwilling internet star and the target of blog and message board comments.

“I feel like everyone is just looking at the obvious,” Drewes said in a recent interview with Yahoo! Sports. “I don’t want to be labeled as a big boob bimbo like a lot of the blogs said. There is a lot more to me. The blogs were very hurtful.”

Amid her 15 minutes of fame, Drewes said she did only one interview, with Playboy. These days, she is working as a nurse and on her master’s to be a nurse practitioner.

Did she ever have any regrets about not milking her fame for all it was worth, a la pseudo-counterpart Katherine Webb? Not at all.

“Let’s be honest,” Drewes said. “If I couldn’t take mean blogs, I definitely couldn’t take the fame Webb has gotten.”

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