Tar Heels QB Has Perspiration Problem


According to North Carolina offensive coordinator Blake Anderson, one of the reasons that QB Bryn Renner has completed just 59.9% of his passes this year - compared to 68.3% in 2011 and 65.4% in 2012 - has been his excessive sweating.

“He sweats so bad – he really does,” Anderson told reporters on Tuesday. “His hands and arms will be dripping wet, and he missed a series where he didn’t get a towel or something, or it got ripped off. And he had a couple balls get away from him, no doubt. … We get out of the meeting room, he’s sweating. So we just have to put another wrist band on, put another towel, and keep it dry as best we can and then let it rip.”

This just sounds absurd enough where you know that NFL scouts will make a big deal out of it leading up to next spring’s draft.

[Charlotte Observer]

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