TAMU Gets Fake Scooby Doo Uniforms

Over the summer, Kevin Sumlin and the rest of the Texas A&M football administration spared us having to watch the Aggies sport khaki uniforms this season. (The concept would have paid tribute to the uniforms of the school’s on-campus cadet population.)

While the concept may have died, that hasn’t stopped A&M fans from speculating what they would have looked (or could look) like. In anticipation of Saturday’s game against Alabama, Stewade — the self-proclaimed “pixel pusher” of A&M’s SB Nation blog — took it a step further.

Stewade placed the head of QB Johnny Manziel as he appeared in his legendary Scooby Doo Halloween costume on top of the tan concept uniforms, along with a dog’s tail. It’s a hilarious surprisingly seamless Photoshop job.

Judging by the reaction to Manziel’s Halloween night escapades, A&M fans are probably disappointed there are no school female cheerleaders to get a makeover like Manziel’s companion from last week.

[Good Bull Hunting]

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