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Taiwanese Animators Lampoon Tuberville


A memo to any major college football coach who is tempted to screw people over: If you do, you could wind up as the subject of a Taiwanese-produced cartoon parody.

In November, the wildly popular Next Media Animation (NMAtv) lampooned the villainy of USC coach Lane Kiffin. Now they’ve done the same for former Texas Tech and new Cincinnati head man Tommy Tuberville.

The YouTube video, posted on Tuesday, begins by chronicling how Tuberville reportedly ditched several Texas Tech recruits at dinner at a Lubbock restaurant and lied about staying with the Red Raiders for the foreseeable future (his nose grows a la Pinocchio) before taking the Cincy job.

Hilariously, the computer animated rendering of Tuberville then has him stepping into the bathroom, dressing in drag and sneaking out of the window to a jet with a Cincinnati logo waiting for him.

Incisively, the video also points out how Tuberville had a similarly ignominious exit from Ole Miss, when he proclaimed “They’ll have to carry me out of here in a pine box” before taking the Auburn job. It ends with new Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury saying that he’d like to schedule Cincy for a future game, then cuts to Tuberville being pelted.

Like the Kiffin video, it is equal parts trippy and informative. And for Tech fans, it’s sure to be enjoyable as well.


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