Taggart Runs USF Scrimmage at 4:30 AM


When Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh visited a South Florida practice last week, he implored that the Bulls had to be “comfortable being uncomfortable.”

It’s a mantra that USF head coach Willie Taggart took to heart. He and his staff woke up all the players at 3 AM on Wednesday in their rooms at Vero Beach Sports Village - where the Bulls are holding their fall camp - with a combination of music, beeping horns, banging on windows and opening doors for a three-hour scrimmage that started at 4:30 AM.

“I woke up startled like it was a tornado. I was like, ‘What’s going on?’ ” DE Julius Forte told USF senior writer Tom Zebold. “You’re just hitting that good sleep where you’re dosing off and having good dreams. You might have Halle Berry or somebody knocking at your door but when you see coach (Marquel) Blackwell at the door you’re like, ‘Hey, you’re not Halle Berry!’ ”

Taggart said there were no complaints from his players whatsoever, just a few jokes about the whole thing. He rewarded them for their willingness to rise early with a trip to the beach on Wednesday afternoon.

[Dr. Saturday | GoUSFBulls.com]

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