Surprise! MD Fans Riot After Duke Upset


There are certain inevitabilities in life. Death. Taxes. And riots in College Park, MD, anytime that Maryland defeats Duke in basketball.

Thus, the scene after the Terrapins’ 83–81 upset of the No. 2 Blue Devils on Saturday was a familiar one. Fires were set, a light pole was broken and signs were ripped from the ground.

But all in all, it was a tame celebration by College Park standards, as just two students were arrested for disorderly conduct. Maryland’s student newspaper, The Diamondback, reports that the celebrations “were mostly confined to shouting cheers and chants, crowd surfing, and climbing poles and roofs.”

One would think that after Maryland’s first win over the hated Blue Devils in three years, more damage would have been done. Oh well…

[WARNING: Language in embedded video below is NSFW.]

[The Diamondback]

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