Monkey Doll Falls Short for N’western - Lost Lettermen

Monkey Doll Falls Short for N’western


No, you were not hallucinating yesterday during the Meineke Car Care Bowl - that was really a stuffed monkey on the Northwestern sideline in a No. 63 jersey.

You see, the Wildcats had carried around the stuffed animal because they were hoping to get the 63-year-old monkey off their back since Northwestern hadn’t won a bowl game since the 1949 Rose Bowl.

“Why not embrace it?” head coach Pat Fitzgerald told the Chicago Tribune. “We’re not running from our past.”

Unfortunately, the Wildcats fell behind Texas A&M 30-7 and lost 33-22 despite the Aggies being coached by interim head coach Tim DeRuyter after the firing of Mike Sherman.

Maybe next year the Wildcats should cut out the monkey business and focus on not getting steamrolled in the first half.

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