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Students Hold ‘Jort Out’ for UM Hoops


Michigan fans and students have waited a long time for the Wolverines basketball program to reemerge as a power. Surely they can come up with better fan promotions than a “Jort Out.”

We suppose that the powers that be within the Maize Rage — the school’s student section — operates out of a sense of nostalgia. How else to explain why they encouraged Maize Rage members to show up in clothing that hasn’t been in style since the mid-1990s?

Sadly, if the Maize Rage is a superstitious bunch (and it’s likely they are), this might not be the last “Jort Out” we seem from them. Second-ranked Michigan ran its record to 16–0 with a 62–47 victory over Nebraska.

[Instagram | @UMMaizeRage]

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