S. Carolina Pulls Spurrier Coach’s Show


On the most recent edition of “The Steve Spurrier Show” on Sunday, coach Spurrier appeared to be replaced by coach Slurrier.

After the Head Ball Coach indecipherably praised South Carolina RB Mike Davis and FB Connor McLaurin for their performances against Central Florida on Saturday, there was an extended commercial break. When the show returned, Spurrier was back at it.

“The biggest thing we have to do is we have to coach better, me included,” he said. “We got an 18-point lead, we can’t let the other team get back in the game. We did it against Vanderbilt, and we let them get back in the game. So we got to quit that crap if we’re going to be a good team this year.”

Spurrier then goofily pointed to the camera and also gave it a thumb’s up when co-host Todd Ellis thanked Gamecock fans for selling out this Saturday’s game against Kentucky.

Normally accessible on South Carolina’s official website, this week’s edition of Spurrier’s show was taken down shortly thereafter. That’s when speculation of Spurrier’s sobriety (or lack thereof) began.

Spurrier said the show was pulled from the website because he was “too negative,” telling The State: “Whether or not I have a few beers after every game for the past 29 years I don’t think I need to get into all that. Most coaches that I know we probably do have a few beers after ballgames after building up all week and so forth. But that was a draining day and I got too negative. I don’t like being that negative after a victory.”

When asked if he was impaired, Spurrier replied, “I hope not.”

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