St. Joe’s Halftime Dunkers Fail Epically


Saint Joseph’s mascot (Hawks) can fly. If only the same could be said about the dunkers who performed at halftime of the St. Joe’s-Butler game on Wednesday night.

The crew was meant to entertain the crowd with their high-flying, above-the-rim antics. There was just one problem: They couldn’t get the ball to go through the hoop.

“After about 4 straight missed dunks, I took out my phone and started recording hoping they would continue to miss dunks,” wrote Deadspin reader Ryan, who posted a 54-second snippet of this embarrassment to YouTube. “Well, that’s what they did.”

Check the video below for the comedic failures, some of which don’t even come close to completed dunks.

It proved to be a harbinger of what was to come for the Hawks. After leading the No. 14 Bulldogs, 40–35, at intermission, St. Joe’s would up losing, 72–66.


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