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Spurrier Takes Jab at FSU’s Schedule


Roughly 12 years after he left Florida, South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier is again picking on the school he once famously called “Free Shoes University.”

When asked by The Post and Courier about who he’d vote for in the final USA Today Coaches Poll, Spurrier said it was wrong for folks to naturally assume that No. 2 Ohio State was at greater risk to be leapfrogged by No. 3 Auburn for a spot in the BCS title game than top-ranked Florida State.

“You know what I think is interesting? Everybody is picking on Ohio State. Their schedule was ranked tougher than FSU’s,” Spurrier said. “Did you know that? Everybody’s picking on how Ohio State hasn’t played anybody. I said, ‘Well, what about FSU?’ They beat Clemson, and that’s about it.”

Indeed, in Jeff Sagarin’s computer rankings, the Buckeyes have the 61st toughest strength of schedule in the FBS, five spots ahead of the Seminoles. But Spurrier isn’t accounting for the fact Florida State has destroyed everyone it’s played.

Who knows if The Old Ball Coach actually believes what he said or just wanted to jab Florida State and Clemson at the same time.

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