Spurrier Calls Out Saban on Scheduling


South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier has never been shy about needling Alabama counterpart Nick Saban. The Old Ball Coach recently kept it up by calling out Saban on his true reason for recently being the only SEC head coach to vote for a nine-conference game format.

“Nick Saban wants nine games, well he can have nine and be happy,” Spurrier told the Sporting News. “Yep, nine games against conference opponents — but one of them won’t count, that’s all.”

Specifically, Spurrier was referring to the Alabama-Tennessee rivalry game, which the SEC wants to keep (along with Georgia-Auburn). He’s implying that one of the reason Saban wants to keep it is that it’s a favorable game in the Crimson Tide’s schedule every year — one which, in comparison to SEC West rival LSU, has featured not nearly as many regular season match-ups with the top SEC East programs.

“Yep, and guess who played in the (SEC) championship game?” Spurrier said. “Scheduling is so important nowadays. But for some reason, we don’t want to acknowledge that. We don’t want to talk about that.”

Is it us or does Spurrier have a legitimate point?

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