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SMU Players to Cops: “Escort Robbed Us”


It isn’t as bad as notifying the cops to complain about a bad marijuana purchase. But in terms of boneheaded 911 calls, this is right up there.

Three SMU football players reported to police in April that an escort hired by one of the players, linebacker Uchenna Nwabuike, had stolen more than $3,000 worth of laptops, televisions and video games from their off-campus house.

Nwabuike told authorities that he had “made a deal with the suspect to have sex with her for $50” but that “he did not pay the suspect for the acts that she performed,” after which he and his roommates left her in their house while they attended SMU’s end of year banquet on April 28.

Three months later, detectives are still looking for the woman and the stolen property.

A memo to the three players: Next time you’re celebrating something, just treat yourself to a steak dinner. You’re in Texas, after all.

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