SLU Radio Man Gets in Tiff With Referee

Bob Ramsey, the voice of St. Louis University basketball on WXOS-FM, discovered on Tuesday night that the intimacy of college basketball’s small arenas can be a double-edged sword.

During the final minutes of the Billikens’ 76-62 win over VCU, Evans chastised the refs for what he considered a “cheap foul” call on SLU’s Dwayne Evans. The official who made the call, Bo Borowski, heard Evans’ remark and made a beeline over to radio row to give Evans a piece of his mind.

Kudos to Evans for not backing down, as he responded, “I’m on the air right now, stay away from me ... Official tried to get into our broadcast, we won’t have it.”

Referees have all sorts of insults hurled at them, and this one was touchy enough to be set off by someone criticizing him on the air for a “cheap foul?”

Grow some thicker skin, Bo.

[The Big Lead]

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