SJSU Punter Ejected After Starting Fight


Anyone who thinks that all punters are quiet-minded and docile hasn’t seen San Jose State’s Harrison Waid in action.

In the fourth quarter of the Spartans’ 43–24 loss at Minnesota on Saturday, Waid was ejected from the game after starting a scuffle with Gophers special teamer Derrick Wells, whom he felt hit him unnecessarily after Minnesota recovered SJSU’s onside kick attempt.

This isn’t the first time that Wain has lost his mind on the field. During last year’s Military Bowl loss to Bowling Green, he was absolutely infuriated at the referees for not throwing a flag when he injured his ribs after sustaining a hit.

We hope that somewhere, former Michigan State punter Craig Jarrett was watching this and nodding at Waid’s antics in appreciation.

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