SJSU Basketball Gets ‘300’-Style Court


There is now little doubt when one takes the floor at San Jose State’s Event Center that - to quote the 2006 film 300 - “this ... is ... Sparta!”

The Spartans’ home basketball floor got a massive makeover during the weekend in preparation for their debut season as a member of the Mountain West Conference. A quintet of the fabled Greek heroes stand armed and ready below mid-court, with four of their shields spelling out “SJSU” and flanking the fifth shield with the athletic program’s logo.

Above that is an even bigger rendering of the Spartans’ logo in gold, blue and white. And like many new college hoops floors, SJSU went for a multi-toned look at either end; the area below the 3-point arc is oak-colored, save for a bright yellow free throw line area.

Now that the Spartans have the floor, they have to make good use of it, having not reached an NCAA tournament since 1996.


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