SHU Swim Cheers on Hoops in Speedos - Lost Lettermen

SHU Swim Cheers on Hoops in Speedos


During Seton Hall’s basketball game against Louisville on Wednesday night, the Pirates’ swim team voiced their support for SHU hoops while, simultaneously, letting everyone at the Prudential Center know who they were.

How could the other fans in attendance and those watching on TV tell that it was the swim team? Well, the fact that they were clad in only their school-issued Speedos and tennis shoes was a bit of a giveaway.

This is a new tradition for the swim team, as they started attending games in their “uniforms” last year during an 81–59 win over Auburn. While the Pirates’ 73–58 loss to the Cardinals demonstrated that the Speedos are not an unstoppable good luck charm, it likely did nothing to diminish the enthusiasm for this new, annual rite.

(H/T @cjzero for the photos)

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