Shockers Star Cuts Dreads After 5 Years


Uninformed Wichita State fans might initially panic upon seeing star Carl Hall at the start of Thursday’s game with Pitt.

No need to worry, Shockers fans, Hall will be there. You just might not recognize him.

Long known and beloved for his long, flowing dreadlocks — “Dread the Locks” t-shirts are sold throughout the Wichita State University bookstore — Hall cut his hair for the first time in five years prior to the tournament.

“I just wanted to try something different,” he explained to reporters in Salt Lake City. “I wanted to be like a new person coming into the tournament.

“I had my hair for five years, so I kinda — I haven’t got used to it yet. I lay in the bed at night and I rub my head, wondering, ‘What did I do?’, because I had it for five years.”

Shockers fans might wonder the same thing if Hall’s new ‘do has a Samson-like effect on his game against the Panthers.

[Sporting News | Wichita Eagle]

Photo Credit: Dave Weaver (left) and Steve Dykes (right), USA Today Sports

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