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Smart’s Secret VCU Weapon? “Scarface”


VCU coach Shaka Smart is a legendary collector of motivational quotes but according to his appearance on “The Dan Patrick Show,” his favorite one during his team’s NCAA tournament run comes from the movie “Scarface.”

Said Smart: “Scarface is probably my favorite movie of all time. There is a scene in that movie where Tony Montana is I guess you would say under the influence and says, ‘There goes the bad guy.’ In this tournament we’ve kinda enjoyed responding to people not necessarily calling us the bad guy but people doubting us, being critical of us, and that’s something we have used as motivation.”

That’s not exactly how we remember the quote. This is a little more like it [Warning: Language NSFW].

We can only hope VCU wins the national title and Smart recreates this scene on ESPN’s set after cutting down the nets in Houston.


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