‘Noles LB Wants Release, Blames Mom


It turns out that one of the jewels of Florida State’s recruiting class, LB Matthew Thomas, never wanted to sign with the Seminoles. He says he only did so on Signing Day because ... his mom told him to.

Now, the star from Miami’s Booker T. Washington High School is asking for his release from FSU.

“What happened was on Signing Day [was] I wasn’t sure who I wanted to sign with,” Thomas told ESPN.com. “I had issues with different schools. But when I told my mom I didn’t want to sign with anybody and wait and give it a few days she said I couldn’t do that. She said, ‘FSU is a good school—pick them. It’s close to home.’ I wasn’t agreeing with it. But I felt like I was being disrespectful to her if I didn’t sign. So I made her happy.”

Thankfully, it sounds like Thomas is on better terms with his mom than another Miami high school star in the Class of 2013, new Arkansas RB Alex Collins. At least Thomas’ mom didn’t try to steal his National Letter of Intent in order to get him to play closer to home.


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