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Semi-Pro D-Lineman is 6-11, 500 Pounds


John Taylor of the Central Penn Piranha — a semi-pro team in the Gridiron Developmental Football League — is nicknamed “House.” As in “as big as a…”

It’s a fitting nickname for the 35-year-old defensive tackle who stand 6-foot-11 and weighs 500 pounds. Rick Chandler of NBC Sports says that Taylor, who played college ball at Virginia Union, was deemed too big (i.e. not athletic enough) to play in the NFL, where 6-foot-6, 440-pound former offensive tackle Aaron Gibson was the “biggest to ever play.”

Taylor’s job is a simple one, according to Piranha owner and head coach Ron Kerr. “If [the offense] can’t see the linebackers, they don’t know where they’re coming from. He has to be double-teamed. He’s too big not to be.”

Essentially, Taylor is football’s equivalent to the philosophy of putting a sumo wrestler in net as a hockey goalie. It certainly seems to be working, as the Piranha are a perfect 10-0 entering the league’s playoffs and have outscored opponents, 367-101.

With Taylor, 290-pound aspiring Pee Wee player Elijah Earnheart, 400-pound high school O-lineman Harry Dumervil and 380-pound Tennessee DT Daniel McCullers, we have the makings of a potent “All-Massive Team.”

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