College Turns Football Field Into Farm


On the campus of Paul Quinn College in Dallas, you can still see reminders of the NAIA school’s football program, which folded for financial reasons in the late 2000s. The goalposts, scoreboard and bleachers still stand where they used to, while the rest of the 6,300-square-yard patch of land has been turned into something remarkable: a farm.

With assistance from PepsiCo, the historically black college launched the WE Over Me Farm in 2010. Students make $10/hour for their work on the farm, and it’s a big benefit to a campus that doesn’t have any nearby grocery stores or restaurants.

What’s more, the initiative - which saves $600,000 per year that would have otherwise been devoted to football (money which is now applied to academic scholarships) - has a big local client that makes it even more worthwhile: the Dallas Cowboys. The farm will sell 17,500 pounds of food to be used for concessions at Cowboys games this year alone.

“We turned our football field into an organic farm,” school president Michael Sorrell, who decided to axe the football program shortly after taking office in 2007, told Yahoo! Sports. “It’s made us a national leader on this issue. There are no regrets. We didn’t have the resources necessary to change and really build a football program in the way we wanted to do it. This is what was right for us.”

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