SC Town Fires Cop Who Ticketed Swinney


[Update: “Ticket-gate” has taken another bizarre turn. According to CBS Sports, the officer was fired for detailing the incident on a South Carolina message board. If true, that’s an incredibly boneheaded move.]

A controversy involving a speeding ticket just became more of a headache for Dabo Swinney.

The Clemson head coach was ticketed by Pickens, SC police officer Mike McClatchy on Sept. 3 for doing 63 in a 35 MPH zone. Now word has come out that McClatchy has since been fired from his job, for “using the internet at work.”

Color us skeptical. Especially in light of a since-removed post on the message board for 247sports.com that casts a less-than-flattering light on Swinney and his brother, the passenger at the time

According to FITSNews’ Colleen MacMillan, the 247sports.com post detailed how Swinney and his brother tried to intimidate McClatchy into ripping up the ticket while refusing to stay in Swinney’s truck, per McClatchy’s instructions.

Nothing can be proven at this time. But Swinney is probably lamenting the fact that this distraction cropped up on the eve of No. 10 Clemson’s biggest game of the season this Saturday at fourth-ranked Florida State.


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